1/3 scale
Ferrari 312PB   

powered by ...

a 103cc 12 cylinders

pb3_av10.jpg (11395 octets)

home made running engine!

We would like to tell you how our Father's dreams became reality!

Pierre Scerri decided in 1978 to start his project : a real running Ferrari which could stand in the dinning room ! He first have had to find the real scale one FERRARI 312PB in the great private collection of Mr Pierre Bardinon at LE MAS DU CLOS (France) :

This will be a 1/3 scale model completly working with a real 12 cylinders engine.

1978 - 1981 : All the drawings of the Ferrari 312PB were done: body , chassis , engine , gearbox . Only one consideration : everythings must work like the real thing .

1981 - 1985 : All the wooden models parts to cast all the parts of the engine , the gearbox and the chassis casting parts were done .

1986 - 1990 : So many things to do , many things done ! especially the machining of the 12 cylindres engine , four camshafts , injection system and dry sump lubrificated:

The 25 Feb 1989 the 12 cylinders engine started on the test bank , a great day in this adventure , the first sounds of the 12 exhaust pipes are still in the mind!!

 1989 - 1992 :   All the remaining : the gearbox with the help of Mr Colotti in Italy  and so many finishing parts like the dasboard with all working instruments , radiators , everything hand made :from the headlights (real glasses) to the tires and the tubular frame chassis (T.I.G welded ) and so on ...

He worked every days on his project , after his main job  :  evenings , night time , holidays time , going everywhere to learn everything until  DECEMBER 1992 : the mini FERRARI 312PB was ready to go to the Ferrari Factory .



Since 2004, the story goes on, see our new website :

                                                                                                            Olivier & Caroline Scerri


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